Yvonne Doig. Barbara and Graham Hubert.

Dear Active Asia team,

We recently traveled (1/08/17 to 18/08/17) through Vietnam with your company. We booked via Di Cochrane of Travel Brokers Hamilton, we have traveled over 20 years with her.

You need to know your staff, the Guides and Drivers were exemplary, in politeness, on time, understanding our needs, certainly no language difficulties, and often went beyond the usual travel expectancy to see we were comfortable. They showed us the Cities, Countryside, food, fish and meat markets and had us our in the “sticks” to show the culture, paddy fields, garden crops and the people of the land.

The Staff were truly amazing.

The Hotels, our accommodation was as good as anywhere we have stayed in the world, if not better. Their Staff again went over the top to see we were happy, their Vietnamese food also was extremely very good and as is the case we ate too much, but that’s what we were there for. Memorable were all the Cooking Classes we booked for, or had like to Halong Bay Cruise.

We came to Vietnam as NZ seniors, and have left with our minds overflowing with that Nation culture, the caring people, motor scooters, the waterways, the scenic beauty and their general life ways.

We write to you, because many comments on the social media, trip advisor and facebook are simply in our view not true, sure we saw the rubbish and other things but we have been in Cairo and other places, and it is by far worse there. Trips are about great memories and THAT’s what we have experienced.

Active Asia gave us the knowledgeable Staff, infrastructure, security and ground planning support that gave us one of those marvelous trips of a lifetime.

You can say but we paid for all that, but we are saying that that experience we can only be humble as Kiwi’s and say “Thank You”.